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To Preview some of the music from 'Great and Wonderful' you will require a version of Adobe Reader. This is available to download here. You can also now listen to samples of Ian's music by clicking 'Listen' next to preview, on the chosen piece.

Anthem and Song Collections

Great and Wonderful - SATB
Christmas Bells (Preview)
Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Fanfare) (Preview)
Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Preview)
Good Christians All Rejoice and Sing (Preview)
Great and Wonderful (Preview) (Listen)
Holy Merciful Father (Preview) (Listen)
How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place (Preview) (Listen)
I Sing the Birth (Preview)
Jubilate Deo (Preview) (Listen)
The Lord's my Shepherd (Preview) (Listen)
O Little Town of Bethlehem (Preview) (Listen)
Pie Jesu (Preview)
Sing Nowell (Preview) (Listen)
Blessed be Jesus (Preview)
Come Lord Jesus (Preview)
God Be in My Head (Preview) (Listen)
Hail, Gladdening Light (Preview)
O Most Beloved Jesu (Preview) (Listen)
Star O'er Bethlehem (Preview)

Banks Music Publications
Publishing Number and Price
HB33, £1.50, SSAATTBB
HB26, £1.80, SATB
HB17, £1.50, SATB
HB31, £1.50, SATB
ECS369, £1.95, SATB
ECS379, £1.50, SATB
HB22, £1.50, SATB
HB12, £1.50, SATB
HB27, £1.50, SATB
HB1, £1.50, SATB
HB16, £1.80, SATB
HB32, £1.50, SATB
HB21, £1.50, SATB
HB3, £1.50, SATB
HB5, £1.50, SATB
HB9, £1.50, SATB
HB29, £1.50, SATB
HB4, £1.50, SATB

Great and Wonderful

All works can be purchased separately from Banks Music Publications: www.banksmusicpublications.co.uk.
Simply click on 'Publishers', and scroll down to 'Ian Hubbard titles' where the HB number and price can be found.

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