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If you wish to contact Ian regarding any of his music, please see the email address further down on the page.

About Ian Hubbard

Ian was born at Chewton Mendip in the Mendip Hills, Somerset in 1943. He began learning to play the piano at the age of four. At eighteen he was taught the art of organ playing by Graham Harris, organist of Christchurch, Clifton, Bristol. He trained as a priest at Salisbury Theological College and composed the well-known "Salisbury Setting" for congregational use at Holy Communion. He also obtained a Teaching Diploma, majoring in music. Two further Communion settings have been written for choir and congregation and have been published by Novello and Banks Music Publications.
Choral compositions flourished after he recovered from a life threatening illness in 1987. He teamed up with William McVicker at the Parish Church of St Barnabas Dulwich in South London. The large choir performed his works on a regular basis and provided the support and encouragement to develop and expand his repertoire. Returning to his Somerset roots in 1992, Ian has continued to work with and write for Parish Choirs.
The popularity of his music is evidenced by the fact that his works are to be found listed in the Sunday by Sunday guide to choosing music for the liturgical year, published by the Royal School of Church Music.

Contacting Ian Hubbard

If you wish to contact Ian regarding any of his music, he is available at the following email address:

Ian Hubbard

Ian Hubbard (far right) with William McVicker (2nd left), Francis Jackson (centre-right) and composers Paul Ayres, John Casken and Simon Gottschalk.

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